I Really Like Our Park

I hadn't been to my town park in years, but this summer and fall, William and I went any time the weather was right. There is a long and winding walking trail that takes us past at least three great playgrounds, through two different shady groves of trees, and past a petting zoo full of goats and chickens and an Emu. Yep, that's right. My small-town park has a petting zoo. AND! When we go to feed the ducks, we also get to feed swans.

I must say that William is really good at tearing things and throwing them on the ground. Tissues, napkins, paper towel rolls, mail, catalogs, and of course, bread.  He can really do it all. Those ducks and swans were well-fed after we got through with them.

Also, right next to the lake (and the petting zoo) is our favorite playground with the perfect-size slides and one swing that is always shaded, perfect for a quick ride before getting back in the car. I wonder what we are going to do when we no longer have park weather... maybe go to the library. Any other ideas, veteran mamas?


  1. You can come to my house and play on my indoor castle/slide/swingset!

  2. Well, of course we're going to do that.


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